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Pressure Soft™ Table Pads support the patient with soft padding, while allowing total circulation wherever the patient's body contacts the pad. Pressure Soft™ (memory foam) gives wherever the pressure is the highest (usually around bony areas), but at the same time, supports the lower areas of the body.

Galaxy surgical, transport and angio table pads use a foam called Pressure Soft™. This is a unique, fluid-like material that is not affected by temperature, and will not harden when cool.

Studies have shown that Pressure Soft™ can help reduce the risk of ulcers (bed sores), which result when blood flow is impaired to certain parts of the body. This in turn, deprives those areas of oxygen and nutrients. Pressure Soft™ is fire resistant, meeting CAL-117 fire code.

All pads are available in Pressure Soft™ and standard foam material. Please refer to our pad list to determine the correct pad for you.

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